Pre-Screening Phone Call: Hiring a New Employee

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How to hire a new employee, and perform a pre-screening phone call; get expert tips and advice on hiring practices in this free instructional video.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I’m Tina Buechler from Business Growth Training and I’m here today to talk about tips and techniques for hiring a new employee. In this clip I want to talk about the prescreening telephone call. If you narrowed your pool of applicants down and you have a series of people you’ll have determined are the best applicants for the position that you’re posting, the next step would be to call these applicants and have them come in for an interview. I would do an intermediate step and that is do a prescreening on the phone. When you call the applicant have a series of questions that you’re going to ask - probably between 6 to 10 questions, make sure these questions are similar that you’re asking the same question for every applicant. You don’t ever want somebody to come back and be able to determine that you were being biased, so you want to ask everybody the same questions and then evaluate those answers. This questions that you’re going to ask on the phone are based on the fundamental skills that you have determined this person must to do this job: the fundamental skills, the fundamental knowledge and attitudes you’re looking for. When you’re on the phone as well you want to evaluate the person's personality to the best that you can. How are they in terms of confidence? How are they in terms of professionalism? Think to yourself is this the kind of person as I listen to this person does this person sound like somebody I want talking to my customers and to my clients, those are the kinds of prescreening questions or thought processes that you want. The purpose of the prescreening interview on the telephone is to disqualify. The idea is you want to disqualify any applicants that aren’t going to meet your really aren’t going to meet the process and you might be able to find that out in the interview, thereby saving you a lot of time and the applicant a lot of time. If you have determined that after this prescreening telephone interview the applicant has not disqualified him or herself and the next step is actually book the interview, the in-person interview. Have your questions planed ahead, have them organized and written down, have copies so that you can right answers for each applicants on a separate piece of paper, and then after that you add the people that have qualified themselves, add that information to that applicants package so that when they come in for their in person interview you have all the information with you.


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