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Learn how to remove makeup and clean your face with cleansing cream with expert skin care tips in this free beauty video clip.

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Video Transcript

We’re going to talk about removing the rest of your makeup and cleansing your face. It’s very important to cleanse your face in the morning cause it’s removing the dead skin cells and all the oil that builds up while you’re sleeping and in the p.m. or after work or even before bed you’re removing that makeup and grind and pollutants that collect on your skin during the day. I’m using a cream cleanser but you can use gels which are more common for oily skin using your cream is how you get your lipstick off you can actually add a little bit of makeup remover to that too and another great way to remove makeup and clean is with baby wipes they’re a great product for all ages, make sure you use a fragrance free and alcohol free baby wipe. Get that lipstick off those lips and when you’re using the cream or gel cleanser you want a circular pattern, you’re coming around the face make sure to get in the nose and in the creases of the nose cause there’s where a lot of build up happens. That’s where you get those blackheads it’s from the dirt building up and not getting clean enough in your nose, circular patterns throughout the whole face and for this demonstration I’m going to use a hot towel which is great from opening up the skin pores and at home you can definitely lean in the sink and just give yourself a nice rinse. If any cleanser recommends tissuing off I always recommend water, never just tissue anything off your face use plenty of water to make sure you take off every bit of residue and leave nothing on the skin. We’re just going to get this cleanser off her face by using a nice hot towel and if you do this at home it feels wonderful, take the time you want to clean that cleanser right off.


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