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Keep a computer clean and working in top shape! Get cleaning tips for a desktop computer in this free computer and electronics video, with tips on computer care and maintenance for PC users.

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Video Transcript

In this clip, we are going to talk about how to clean your PC tower. Why would you want to clean your PC? Over time, dust builds up inside the PC on the PC components and it acts like a blanket on the PC components that causes more heat. So we definitely want to clean that out, so lets get started. Depending on your case, it is going to open up a little differently so you want to check your manual. Most of the cases two screws on the back that usually don't take any kind of flat head or Philip screwdriver. I'm usually going to remove these easily just by unscrewing them. Most PCs usually have one latch or two latches, depending on the model. My has two so it is easy as just I'm pushing the latch in and taking your other hand and pushing out on the PC case, doing the other latch and it pretty much comes out like a door. Remove the side cover and we will clean this in a little bit. Now this PC is fairly clean, but usually this is the CPU fan and there will be dust that builds around the blades on here. Just behind that is the heat sink. They have like little fins where dust likes to hide in there, where you definitely want to get in with the compressed air can. Also, depending on your model PC, I have two here and here internal fans for more air flow to the in the PC case and through to get the key out of the PC case. This right here, is the video card and these are hard drives. You definitely want to make sure we blow those off with our can of air. Just right here you could pick up this anywhere at Home Depot or any place like that. So basically there is really no left or right. Just make sure you get all the dust out of the case. I like to start with the fan first so the dust would fall down and then you could blow that away. So once you blow in here, you'll be able to see the dust fly through there. You do want to make sure that you either put some people put like newspaper or just a cloth down so that when you are done the dust would fall on there you could either put in the washer and dryer or you could just throw the newspaper out. This is the power supply which has a fan in it, which does have a lot of dust in it. Make sure you get into these little grits here and in this side to and all over the board; top to bottom. As you could see here like I said the heat sink make sure you get the tip of the air there in those little grits so it forces any kind of dust out of there on both sides. Also in the video card, this also has a heat sink so make sure you get right in those little grits. Also you hard drive and the fan and on the bottom of the case. Now if you noticed, the side cover of the PC case there was this. This was this helps the CPU fan and take air so it cools it off better, so we definitely want to make sure we clean this up. So you could see the dust come out of there, and sometimes there may be build up on the bottom of the case or even on the walls that won't come off with the air can. So you may want to take a damp cloth and clean that off, but this doesn't have any so I don't need to. So that is pretty much it. Once you don't see any more dust and you have checked all the corners of the PC case, you could go ahead and put the side case back on. Plug in your PC and you are good to go.


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