Cleaning Tips for a Computer Keyboard

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Keyboards for computers can get dirty easily. Get cleaning tips for a computer keyboard in this free computer and electronics video, with tips on computer care and maintenance for PC users.

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Video Transcript

In this clip I'm going to show you how to clean your keyboard. Why would you want to clean your keyboard? Well studies had been done that you could actually get sick especially from using a other people PCs in the office. They are sick, they sneeze on there hands and then they use there keyboards. Yeah, they cover they mouth but then they go ahead and use there keyboards and you know putting the bacteria on the keyboards. So the easies way to clean a keyboard is the first step this right here is a PC keyboard and this is a MAC keyboard basically they are the same. They are basically the same type of cleaning there is nothing really different. The first thing that I like to do to start with is turning it over and shaking it just a little bit you know plastic pieces. If you like to eat on your computer all those little crumbs get in there, so you are shaking all the crumbs. You could use anything from paper towels, wet paper towel, just a damp paper towel, you could go to the store and buy a antibacterial wipe. You could use rubbing alcohol. I'm just trying on a little spot first so it doesn't discolor you keyboard. First, you could get a can of air and you could just blow you keyboard out. Put it in different directions. Get all the dust out of there that is just free floating. Then I just have a standard little alcohol wipe here, which you could just gently go over all the keys. Same thing on the MAC and you could either use a Q-tip to get in the little crevices or I just like to fold so you have a little edge and you could go through each edge cleaning out the dust that didn't come out of the air. Same thing on the MAC; do the same thing. For any little you know you might have a stain that won't come out with your alcohol wipe you could use spic and span, rubbing alcohol. You might have to let it sit there on the key for a little bit. It would be a little damp for it to dissolve whatever is on the key. Once you are done cleaning the key board, once you don't see any dust and any particles you should be good to go.


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