How to Choose a Computer Mouse

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A mouse is very commonly used when working with a computer, so pick out a good one. Get tips for choosing the right computer mouse in this free computer and electronics video, with tips on computer care and maintenance for PC users.

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Video Transcript

In this clip I'm going to show you how to choose a mouse. The first thing you need to know when choosing a mouse is what type of connection do you have. Either a PS2 connection like this one or a USB connection. You could find this if you look at the back of your computer, you know which one that you need to get. There are many different kinds of mice. There are ball mice like this one, which you could see here you use a little ball. These wheels here to basically move the cursor around your screen. These are all right it is just they tend to get dirty and tend to make your mouse to stick a lot. Also, if you notice down here it has a wheel for you know when you are browsing a website these always come in handy instead of dragging and holding your button down when dragging the scroll bar when surfacing websites. Another type of ball mouse is more type of a ergonomic. It really depends on what you like, what seems to work better for you. This particular one is basically like the other one just that instead of actually moving the mouse you take and you just move the ball around moving the cursor. Another form, which is really popular, is the optical mouse. As you see, there is no ball. There is no moving parts. It just basically just senses the movement and you move the cursor that way. In this particular one also has for you know to scroll on websites, just two buttons. There is also wireless basically the same thing it has the little eye to track the movement. Basically same thing wheel, two buttons. There are many different varieties of mice this one just happens to wireless or bluetooth mice also. Basically when you are choosing mouse, it just depends on what you like to use. You could go to the store and find out what you like to use better. There is no better one for aiming or anything like that. That's choosing mouse.


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