Using a Transcription Foot Pedal

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Just purchased a transcription pedal? Learn how a transcription foot pedal works in this free typing video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Linda Lewis on behalf of Expert Check out my website at A foot pedal has three options so when you’re keyboarding. If you re-program it for any function that you wish but most commonly it is used. If you want to have the back space be used with the space bar, you would press the foot pedal down and then you would tap the space bar with your thumbs so you don’t have to take your hand off the keyboard and then back on. Another function you can have is if someone only has the use of one hand, you can make this like a capital letter, holding this foot pedal down and then the letter would be capitalized. If you want to hold three keys down at once, you could program this one to have that function so that you would know to go to the right and I’ll press this down and that would enable you to hold more than one key down at a time. This is helpful for people who want to type very fast and their accuracy is important so that they can not take their hands off the keys a lot or if someone only has the use of one hand, this is a wonderful tool. So when you are keyboarding and you press the foot pedal and instead of having to reach your hand over to the backspace key, all you do is tap the space bar. You press the foot pedal and this becomes the backspace. If you want to capitalize a letter, you press the foot pedal and the letter that you are typing will become capitalized or if you want to hold three keys down at once, like the control, alt and delete, the control alt and you could hold that and then the third key would be programmed to say such as the delete key. So this is very helpful especially for a single handed user.


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