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Watch an expert discuss cleansers you can use to minimize your pet ferret's aroma during travel in this free video about pet ferret care.

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Video Transcript

Hi there! I'm Fran Friedman from Morning Star Animal Sanctuary and I would like to talk to you about bringing cleansers for your ferret on a long trip. People like to make sure that their ferrets are smelling good while they are traveling to other people's homes. They do have a musty odor which is very natural for them. They should have that odor but sometimes you might be out and maybe the people you are visiting, may not appreciate the odor the way we do. So we do have different ferret shampoos. Make sure that you use ferret shampoo because they are for ferrets and they are not for dogs or cats. There is quite a variety of shampoos out there so you shouldn't have any trouble purchasing one of those. I would stay away from deodorizers, sprays, fresheners; they really don't need that and usually after a bath, they usually stay clean and smell good for quite a while. Your ferret should not be washed more than once a month even once a year would be better. Unless they soil themselves or get into something, they really do not have to be washed. They do have nice oily coats which should stay oily and not have all the oils washed away too often so people try to make them smell better every day they are away. Definitely do not wash your ferret more than once a month and definitely use a ferret shampoo.


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