Proper Travel Cages for Your Pet Ferret

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Watch an expert discuss proper pet ferret travel cages in this free video about pet ferret care.

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Video Transcript

Hi there! I'm Fran Friedman from Morning Star Animal Sanctuary and I am here to talk to you about a proper travel cage for ferrets for long distance traveling. First of all we have already put blankets in and a nice hammock for the ferrets because something familiar. These are clean but I highly recommend that you don't wash your blankets and that you do take them from the ferret cages that the ferrets are used to so it has their scent in them so they are not as stressed. You will have a little pan, small like this with the pine pellets as the litter and you don't have to put too much because ferrets might toss it over along the way but you can really kind of squish it in there with the blankets so it is kind of tight and then of course ferrets must eat every 4 hours, you are definitely want to be bringing food and water. Definitely put the water in a container like this that can be hooked up to the side of the cage, just like this so that it can't spill. The food can go into usually a dish, it can be the same one as that or one that is ceramic and heavy so that they can't knock it over and then you kind of cuddle it into the corner and put everything around the blankets and that is where the food would go. So you've got yourself a nice little set up, it's familiar smelling to the ferret, use the pellets that they are used to for the litter box and even one of the litter box shapes it is used to. If you can use the same dishes and take them from the cages that is even better. Another thing recommended is to bring a larger blanket or some towels to cover the cage so that it is dark. Ferrets will be under less stress if it is a nice dark cubby hole for them, so they like that dark so it's not too stressful for them in traveling.


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