What to Bring When Traveling With a Pet Ferret

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Watch an expert explain what to bring when traveling with your pet ferret in this free video about pet ferret care.

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Video Transcript

Hi there! I'm Fran Friedman from Morning Star Animal Sanctuary and I am here to talk to you about traveling with your ferret. These are some of the things I am going to show you that you will need for traveling with your ferret. These are the carriers that you will need to travel with your ferret. There are various different kinds and various different sizes; depending on whether you are traveling with one ferret, how long you are going to be traveling for and where you are going to be staying where you are going. If you are just going to the vet, a carrier like this is appropriate for a ferret. You can even put two ferrets in here and they can cuddle up together. Something like this is nice. They like it, it is a little plasticly so we always recommend putting in some kind of a blanket, something soft, even an old towel so it is nice and coy and warm. Their body temperature is normally between 102 and 104 degrees so they do like to keep warm and they do get chilled very easily. So something like this would definitely need an extra blanket. There is this kind which people seem to like; it's like a little bit of a backpack and you put your ferret in here and this already is cozy. It's got fluff inside and it's nice and soft outside. You can close it up so it is safe but your ferret can still see out in the front and on the top. It definitely closes good and it is safe so they can't get out. Try to avoid carriers that have the 2 zippers on top as they tend to leave spaces and a ferret does not need much room to get out of the carrier like that. So you want to make sure that these carriers are used safely and that they are the proper size for your ferret to travel.


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