How to Remove a Tick from your Pet Using the Twist Method or Removal Products

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Tips on removing ticks from your pet using the twist method or using removal products in this free online video series.

Part of the Video Series: How to Control Ticks & Fleas
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Video Transcript

We are talking about how to remove a tick from your dog or cat. It is kind of one of those old wise tales. One of the easy ways if you are out on a trail you don’t have any of these products, you can grab the body of the tick and just keep turning it in one direction about 3 ½ turns till they let go. The reason we are worried about the way you take them off is because if you just yank on them they leave the body parts so the mouth parts down in while you take the body out and your dog can have a reaction to that. It’s like a splinter or a foreign body reaction in the dog or cat. So we have several products to show you how to do this but the simple one is to go ahead and twist it. Some of the old wive's tales are put a piece of ice on it or a hot cigarette of something like that. We don’t want to hurt the dog when we are doing this so some of these other ways of doing it are much better. This is one of my favorites. It’s called a tick remover. It has a nice little magnification on it so that you can see what you are doing very easily but it is a little piece of metal that has a split down the middle and I will actually show that to you here. This split down the middle, you slide that right between the dog and the tick and that little slit that goes down the center here actually grabs a hold of the mouth part and you can pull them out by sliding along this way. This is one of the nicer products. I really like that one. That is my favorite. This is another interesting one called Pro-Tick and actually you slide that underneath in between the dog and the mouth parts and you pull on it in this fashion and twist. Again, it pulls the tick right out. It’s another nice little product that you can get. You can get anyone of these through your veterinarian. This is another one that is designed it is called Ticks-Away. It is another one that is designed to grab the mouth parts and you can see how you use it like this. Once you grab the mouth parts, you put a little bit of tension on that and twist it and will pull the tick right. Another way you can do it, this is actually a flea comb but you can use a flea comb in the same way. You slide it in between the mouth parts and you pull back and the tick will be removed along with the mouth part of the tick which is really important when you are removing ticks from your dog or cat.


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