How to Improve Balance in Boxing

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Better balance means dodging punches. Learn advanced boxing techniques in this free online video training course, including how balancing is key in boxing.

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Video Transcript

Okay, So Blade, we just got through the first step, worked with the jab techniques. Now, you mentioned about balance, there’s a second step. The second step is balance and your stuff has got to be with the planting of his feet. His feet have to be planted right, so everything is set. His form is like – Show us how the feet have to be to be planted right. Okay, he’s a bit of a tall man. He’s down in a crouch now, his balance is good. I would like him to just lean forward; that’s his balance. That’s his form right there. So, now he is stepping up his form; his form is just basically moving and sliding. So he’s basically what you call an orthodox fighter, correct? His stance is in orthodox stance – right. His feet are correct? – He’s correct. The left foot is situated at a center point. How would you say, his left foot goes over his left shoulder? His left toe goes over his left shoulder? –Right. And his right toe is over his right shoulder. – Right. Pretty much. And he’s got his back – His form is good because his balance is good. See you can’t push him off balance. So he’s got a good form. As far as moving, if he was to make a move off this because that’s what an advanced fighter – he would move with his left foot slide it, bring in the right. Basically dance. That’s great. It’s just a dance, that he can normally do when he wants to do it. There you go see. Now that’s the basics, that’s the moves, that’s the basics. He’s taking in good steps. When taking the steps, he’s moving his head. His head is in good form.


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