How to Comb Cats with Matted Hair

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How to comb out matted hair in long haired and curly haired cats in this free feline dental health video.

Part of the Video Series: How to Groom Long Haired Cats
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Video Transcript

And then she has a matte here, so we are going to split it up, like make about 10 or 15 out of one. And this is going through real easily, can you see that? You do not want to get a big chunk and go like that. See that wouldn’t come out, so we go. And you want to work on a small area at a time and I didn’t cut her rear end hair out last month so she has got a messy behind. She wants to play. See when it is that hard to get out you do not want to pull it. See that. That’s not even sliding. Sometimes you get a mat and you will see the comb moving out some and you can pull on that slowly, but when it is like that one that is going to have to be cut out. And if you want to cut it out, this is really hard to do, but you want to never do it flat like that, never. You can have a cut in that thing for 20 stitches. You look for skin… I don’t know if she will be still enough. Slide it through like that make sure and I always cut real soft that way you know if you got her. She just wants to play. She says that feels so good. Well she is in the roughing part of the lion cut. As you leave it right above the shoulders and then when she gets a bath, all this will fluff up and she will look halfway decent.


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