How to Clip Puppy Dog Nails

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Tips on how to clip a puppy's nails in this expert video featuring a professional dog trainer.

Part of the Video Series: How to Train Puppies
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Video Transcript

Hi! This is Elise McMahon with Expert and in this video series we are talking about puppy care. If you would like to find out more about my services, you can visit my website at So in this short clip I am going to be talking about nail clipping actually. This again is something that you want to get your puppy used to it at am early age and what I usually suggest to people is you do not sit down there and say I have to cut down all their toenails in one sitting. You want to do it slowly, you want to have the puppy not traumatize, you want to have the puppy comfortable and relaxed, so what I have done here is I have got the puppy sitting on a table, this is a grooming table. She is sitting on a nice comfortable mat here and I have given her a chew toy, so this puppy is very happy, very comfortable and very relaxed and what I am going to do is I am not going to stress her out. So I am going to start off with just cutting one or two nails at a time; this is a pair of nail clippers. I happen to like this style. I happen to like this style better. This nail clipper has a safety device. You can open it up and that is how you use it. When you are not using it, you just put the little black holder back on and they cannot open. You want to get a pair of nail clippers that you are comfortable with and you want to make sure that they are sharp and they are in good condition before you start, okay. Just separate the hair a little bit, take the nail and just clip off the bottom here. Good puppy. If the puppy starts to get uncomfortable, just let her relax a little bit. Remember it is not a race here for time; you do not need to do it very quickly. I just need to make sure that the puppy is comfortable and relaxed when they are having their nails cut, because this is something that is going to happen their whole lives, good girl, take another nail… She wants to check out the clippers, let her have a look and bring her toy back and get her distracted by the toy again. Good puppy and we are going to do one more nail. That’s all I’ll do for right now. Again, you work very slowly, you get the dog used to it, you get the dog comfortable and you yourself want to be used to it and comfortable when you are doing their nails. Important thing to remember is always just take a little piece off at a time because you don’t want to cut that quick. It bleeds a lot and is quite painful.


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