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Tips on how to groom and clean your puppy in this expert video featuring a professional dog trainer.

Part of the Video Series: How to Train Puppies
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Video Transcript

Hi! This is Elise McMahon for Expert Village.com and in this video series we are talking about puppy care. If you would like to find out more about my services, you can visit my website at www.canineheadstart.com. So in this short clip, we are going to be talking about grooming. It is very important that we teach our puppies at a young age about grooming. So I have got the puppy here and the puppy is actually on a grooming table, now I have got a nice mat down on the grooming table for the puppy to lie in but puppies will run around, they will get in the dirt, they will get in the mud and we want to make sure that we go over them regularly. One good thing about grooming is that it gives you a chance to go over everything on your dog, make sure there is nothing stuck to them, and so let’s see over in this corner here. I felt that she did have something stuck to her and she must have been playing out in the burs, so she has got a whole bunch of burs in her coat. So I am just going to brush this right out, so I want to have the puppy used to getting brushed at a fairly young age. Again right up there on the table; if you do not have a grooming table, you can do it on the floor. I find that if you have the puppy on a table, it just keeps them from playing too much. If you brush out, you can see in the brush here, you are getting some burs out, so she must have been playing in some burs. We would not want that to be stuck in her coat and stay there, so while the puppy is up on the table, we just brush them out and it is important with puppies that you just do this in short little sessions. You keep it very fun with lots of rewards, good girl; I am patting around the chest as I am brushing her, go over her entire body with your brush, good job. Again it just gives you an opportunity to go over your puppy. If you do this daily, that is great. If you get to it, a couple of times a week that is fine, but it gives you a chance to go over your puppy, see that everything is fine, they do not have any cuts, they do not have any stuff stuck in their coat and especially with a long coated dog like this, she is going to probably at certain point in her life spend hours lying on this table, want her to get used to it early on.


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