Dog Training with Lures, Rewards, & Bribes

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Train you dog with rewards, lures and bribes in this free obedience training video.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Elise and in this short video clip we’re going to be talking about the difference between a lure, a reward and a bribe. It’s very important to have the distinction between these 3 things when you’re teaching your dog. A lure is something we use when we’re shaping a behavior that is unknown to the dog and we’re going to use Tai who’s a 4 year old Briard male and I’m going to demonstrate how this cookie here can be used as a lure to shape a behavior. So if I want this dog to s-i-t and he doesn’t know how to do it already and believe me he doesn’t actually know how to spell, then I’m going to have him in the stand position and I’m going to lure him into a sit. I lured him by taking my hand over his head and giving him the treat. Okay, good boy. Now I’m going to show you how that same cookie can be used as a reward. This is the hand that I use to give my hand signals and there’s no cookie in it, the cookie is actually behind my back and I’m going to ask the dog to sit. Once he’s done that, I’m going to give him the cookie as a reward, good boy. Okay, good job. Now let’s say I ask a dog to do something and they don’t do it and I’m standing here maybe in class or at home and then I reach into my pocket and show them the treat, that is then turning that treat into a bribe, it’s also turning your dog into an extortionist. So if I asked the dog to sit and then I asked the dog to down and he does it because he’s pretty well trained. Tai – stand – down. So if he doesn’t do it when I ask, I then take the cookie out and I say down. I can use my hand as a signal, down. Yes, good boy. And essentially what I did there was I brought that cookie out and used it as a bribe to get him to go down after he ignored me the first time. It’s very important when you’re doing food training with you dog that you only use a lure for the first approximately 6 times while you’re shaping a new behavior and then it’s very important that that treat become just a reward for you dog for having done something good.


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