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Learn about different types of leashes for dogs from an obedience training expert.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Elise and in this short video clip we’re going to be talking about some different leash types that you can use for walking your dog. If you’re interested in more of my services, you can check out my website at We have Tai here, a 3 year old male Briard and he’s going to demonstrate for us some of the different leashes. This is your standard 6 foot leather clip leash, come here Tai. And you can put this…Tai is wearing a regular buckle collar, and you can take your dog for a walk on this 6 foot leash. 6 to 8 foot leash is an ideal leash size, you can shorten it when you need to if you’re going to be walking with your dog in a heel and you can also lengthen it if you’re going for an exercise walk and you’re going to allow your dog to get a little bit further away from you. This is a great in-town walking device; it’s also a great training device to use with your dog. Tai can you sit? Good boy. Another kind of leash, which is often called a flexi or retractable leash is a long cord and it’s cased in this hard plastic system, it typically has a stopper or safety mechanism and a clip that you attach the dog’s collar. These kinds of leashes can be great for taking your dog out and giving him a little bit more space, this one is a 16 foot one, they go up to 26 feet, they come in both this cord, well this is actually a belt system and a cord which is actually a little bit thinner. I personally prefer the belt system because you’re not as likely to tangle it up in your belt or in your fingers or in your body part and cut yourself. Tai – stay. You can see how having this amount of leash would be ideal for giving you do a little bit more exercise, yet still keeping him under control. The third type of leash that I would like to talk about is a really a leash in one, a leash-collar in one system. This is a 5 foot leash-collar in one system and it has at the end the half choke or martingale system. It has a second loop here attached and then a leather sliding device, so you can actually make this quite a big opening or a smaller one. The way you work this is you put this around the dog’s neck and then you take your sliding device and push it down, so it’s now closed around the dog’s neck. The dog cannot slip out of this device because it won’t go over his head, so it makes this kind of leash ideal for sight hounds and other breeds that have an equal skull-to-neck ratio. Again this is about a 5 foot leash and you can just head right off walking your dog.


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