How to Treat Pimples


Although many people suffer from this condition only during the teenage years, pimples can occur throughout adulthood, depending on your hormonal activity, heredity and hygiene. Some people have more severe cases of pimples than others and might need to see a dermatologist for drastic improvements.

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  • Clay-based Face Masks
  • Facial Tissues
  • Antibacterial Soaps
  • Concealer
  • Cotton Swabs
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      Resist the urge to attack when these plugged sebaceous glands pop up. In other words, don't pop your pimples, this can cause infections and even scarring.

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      Keep in mind that a combination of hormonal activity, a buildup of bacteria and the shedding of dead skin cells causes pimples. Do what you can to prevent a breakout by establishing a skin-care routine appropriate for your skin type.

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      Have patience. It could take up to one month for a blemish to disappear completely. The less you poke at it, the better.

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      Buy an antibacterial, oil-free concealer that can blend the redness of the pimple into your own skin color. Green shades tend to offset redness the best. (This might not be an option for those who don't wear makeup.)

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      Try a facial mud mask. This may shrink a pimple.

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      Realize that despite the happy teens in the commercials, "zit zapping" solutions, medications you apply directly to pimples, don't do much more than dry out the top layer of skin covering the pimples. These medications don't provide a long-term cure.

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      If you are going to break the rules by "extracting the blemish," aesthetician-speak for popping your pimple, wash your hands, then lightly squeeze the top of the pimple with a tissue or cotton swab. Clean the area thoroughly when you're done. If nothing happens, leave the pimple alone until it's ready to pop.

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      Apply a benzol peroxide acne medication to the pimple and avoid applying medication to the surrounding area.

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