How to Get an Adult Budgie's Trust

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Getting an adult budgie's trust is going to take equal parts time and patience. Get an adult budgie's trust with help from an experienced pet specialist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Barbara Heidenreich here from Barbara's Force Free Animal Training with some advice on how to get an adult budgie to trust you. Whether your bird's a cockatiel or a budgie or a macaw or an Amazon parrot, the strategy is just the same, and the reality is, we really want our parrots to trust us because then it's more fun to have them as pets, they look forward to interacting with us, and they're well behaved if they trust us. Building trust with an adult bird is all about giving your animal the choice to participate. If you try to force your parrot to interact, you're just gonna make him fear you even more. So it's very important to try and find something that your bird really likes, usually it's his favorite food treat, and you can start pairing that with your presence. If your bird won't take the food from your hand, you can even just drop it in the bowl and take a step back so that your bird eats the treat while you're around. This helps pair good things with your presence. Over time you'll be able to start offering that goody from your hand, and then you can start working on training some simple behaviors like targeting and eventually stepping up on your hand. So keep in mind, never force your bird and pair good things with your presence, and pretty soon you'll have a great relationship with your parrot.


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