How to Stop a Cat From Urinating on a Rug

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Stopping a cat from urinating on a rug is something that you need to do by paying close attention to the rug's texture. Learn how to stop a cat from urinating on a rug with help from a pet professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Dr. Karen Fling, and today we're talking about why cats urinate on the rug. When cats urinate on the rug, there's generally either a behavioral or a medical problem at the root of the trouble. One of the most common reasons from a behavior standpoint that cats urinate on the rug is because of texture preference. And in fact, the type of litter that you use may or may not be appealing to your cat, and sometimes unappealing litter can cause cats to seek out the rug to urinate. So there are a variety of choices your cats may like in terms of litter. Some kitties like the course granular type of cat litter, others like the scoopable type, like this, the much finer granules. Some even have a preference as to whether the litter is scented or not. Finally, some kitty cats like a recycled newspaper product type litter. This particular one is kind of a tubular sort of density, others are lighter and fluffier. Other reasons that cats urinate on the rug include medical reasons. There can be issues ranging from infections to diabetes to urinary tract problems, so it's important to have a diagnosis for why cats exhibit this behavior. So if in doubt, see your cat's veterinarian for help, and remember this is such an important problem to understand because inappropriate urinary habits, or inappropriate elimination as we call it, is the number one reason that pets wind up in shelters.


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