How to Edit the MAC Filter List on a D-Link

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Editing the MAC filter list on a D-Link router will require you to go into the router's settings. Edit a MAC filter list on a D-Link router with help from a technology strategist and cloud expert for small-to-medium businesses in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Charles Henson, with National Computer. In this video I'm gonna show you how to edit the MAC filter list on a D-link router. The purpose for doing this would be to simply allow access to only specific devices on your network, or to disallow certain PCs from accessing the network. So the first thing we want to do is click on the apple, and then click on system preferences. Once we're in system preferences, you'll choose network. Here we're gonna find the IP address of the router. Once we find the IP, we're gonna open up either Chrome or Safari, and then we're gonna type in the IP address of that router. Once we're here, we're gonna log into the router. Some routers have a password on the bottom side, some of them you should just know the password to, whomever set it up would have access to that. Then you click on manual setup. Once inside the setup, we're gonna click on advanced, MAC filtering, and here you'll see the option to turn off MAC filtering or to turn it on, and we can either allow computers access to the network or we can deny computers access to the network. So we'll choose here that we're gonna turn MAC filtering on and allow computers access. Once we do this, we need the MAC address of the machine that we're going to allow Internet access. So, to do that, we'll go back to the network preferences, click on advanced, click on your hardware tab, and here you'll see the MAC address of this workstation. We're gonna go ahead and highlight that, and we're gonna right-click and choose copy, and then we're gonna go back to our web browser where we have our router settings, and we're gonna right-click and paste that into the MAC address settings here. Now we can choose give it a computer name if we want to, we can set up a schedule, we can also say here's the name of the PC that we're gonna use, that we want to whose PC it is. Now we're gonna click add, and then here you can set a time and date schedule. So if you want to block people access during lunch, or maybe you want to give them access only during lunch to Internet, then that's where you would come in and set that. The reason you might want to do this is so that you can block Internet access from particular work stations on your network.


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