What Are the Icons on the Top Line of an iPhone?

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The icons on the top line of an iPhone are all related to the device's status. Find out about the icons on the top line of an iPhone with help from an expert who is proficient with all Apple products and able to provide OS/iOS instruction and troubleshooting in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Patrick Coll, and I'm here today to tell you what the icons are on the top line of your iPhone. So you may have wondered what these icons are that you always see at the top of your iPhone. I'm going to talk you through it. In the top left corner we see these dots. These dots indicate your signal strength for your phone basically. It's five dots. If you have five white dots, you've got full strength signal. Right now I have four so I've got almost full strength signal. Beside that you will see the name of your carrier. Next to that this little fan symbol tells me that I'm connected to a Wi-Fi network. Sometimes you see 4G or LTE, this is telling you that you are connected to your carrier's data services rather than a Wi-Fi signal. After that we have the time as you can see and then in the top right corner we've got this little battery symbol telling you how much battery you have. So when it gets down to the bottom you will see it giving you a warning and it's time to charge your phone. And this is basically what these represents represent in the top line of your iPhone. I'm Patrick Coll. I hope this has been helpful. Thank you for watching.


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