Roasted Turkey Breast Recipe With Roasted Garlic Gravy

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Roasted turkey breast with roasted garlic gravy will require you to start out with your fresh turkey. Make roasted turkey breast with roasted garlic gravy with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chef Phillip, and we're cooking up delicious roasted turkey with roasted garlic gravy. Let's get going. The first thing we gotta do is we gotta have a fresh turkey. I like to do the turkey breast, it's a little healthier. We're going to take a whole onion, make sure it's washed. I want everything intact, I want the ends, the tops, the skins, everything. That's where a lot of flavor is. We're gonna cut this into pieces, and we're gonna stuff it underneath the entire cavity of the turkey breast on a cookie sheet. I like to line mine with aluminum foil so that it keeps it, it's a little easier to clean up. Next thing I wanna do is I'm gonna take an apple, and I'm gonna cut that up, I'm gonna quarter it, make it into smaller pieces. I'm gonna put that underneath the turkey breast as well. From that point, I'm gonna take fresh rosemary, and I'm gonna rub it a little bit in my fingers. The reason why I rub the rosemary is to bring out the natural oils in the rosemary and brings out the flavor. I'm gonna stuff that underneath the turkey breast as well, and then the next part is where it really gets fun. We're gonna take some melted coconut oil, and we're gonna use an all purpose seasoning. I'm kind of fond of pepurika by Sin City Chefs, from yours truly, and I'm going to brush that all over the turkey breast until it's completely gone. That way when I go to put it in the oven and it heats up, it will actually crisp the skin and it will permeate through the meat, and it will taste absolutely amazing. So after I've brushed the turkey with the coconut oil and seasoning mixture, I'm gonna place that into a 325 degree oven. Now let that slow roast and develop all those amazing flavors. We'll pull that out in a little while. In the meantime, let's get started with the roasted garlic gravy. I took some garlic cloves, put them into aluminum foil a little bit of olive oil, and I just let those slow roast at 350 degree ahead of time for about 20 to 25 minutes until I started to smell it. So in the sauce pan, I'm gonna add olive oil. I'm gonna bring that up to a medium-high heat. I'm gonna add brown rice flour, that's gonna be our thickening agent. What we're doing here is we're making a rue. Next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna add chicken stock or turkey stock, nice and slowly until it's all incorporated. We're then going to add all the remaining ingredients. I'm using rosemary here, a little salt a little pepper. We've got some marjoram, and then I'm also gonna add a little bit more of that pepurika seasoning, and who can forget the roasted garlic that we roasted earlier. So we're gonna add all those together. Once it comes to a boil, we're gonna take a little hand mixer, a Bur mixer. If you don't have one of those, you can always use a food processor or a regular blender, just make sure that you have a little bit of a gap at the top to allow the steam to escape. We're gonna puree that. We're gonna put this into a smaller container until it's time to slice up and serve. So I've taken the turkey out of the oven. We're letting it rest for 20 minutes, let those juices redistribute. I'm going to debone it, and I'm gonna take the skin off. It's just my own preference to take the skin off, that way it's easier to serve, and its also healthy. We're gonna slice this on a thin bias, and I like to make a pretty presentation, so I use a little bit of parsley, a little sauteed or roasted asparagus, and we're gonna just fan the turkey across the plate. We're gonna grab that hot roasted gravy. Look at it as it flows over the top of that turkey. Tell you what, my stomach's growling. I'm Chef Phillip Dell, and we just made a roasted turkey with roasted garlic gravy.


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