How to Decrease Anxiety in Cats

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Anxiety in cats can cause a myriad of behavioral and medical issues. Decrease anxiety in cats with help from founder and CEO of 911 VETS in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Dr. Steve Weinberg, your 911 Vet. And today, we're here to talk about how to decrease anxiety in cats. Anxiety in cats can cause a myriad of behavioral and medical issues. So, we need to try to find the root of the cause and try to eliminate the problem. It's important to try to reduce anxiety in cats because it can lead to serious medical and behavioral problems. It's important to try to identify the cause, if you can. It's important to check with your veterinarian and get a real thorough exam, a history and possibly an environmental evaluation to see what's going on in the home. Interactions between pets in the house, people in the house and even objects maybe causing anxiety. A new couch or new carpet, something like that can make the cat nervous and cause these other problems. An example of the reverse happening is a medical problem could exist, such as a urinary tract infection. That will cause anxiety and lead to other behavioral issues. Other things that can cause anxiety are noises, odors, view of predators outside through a picture window. It's sometimes very difficult to pin point the actual cause of the problem. In order to decrease the anxiety, you have to identify the cause and rule out the medical problems. We try to remove any stimuli that you can. Frequently it's caused by a decrease in socialization and a lack of exercise. These makes these cats very anxious that they can't do anything else but sit around. Although it seems like that's fine with them. It may actually be causing some anxiety. As we saw idle paws are the devils' workshop. So, an important rule of thumb is to try to provide 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, twice a day of you can. Maybe while you're watching TV and you need some exercise but you can play with the cat with certain toys, things like that to try to activate and stimulate them. If it's a territorial cause of anxiety, we try to block the view to reduce agitation. Now other methods we could try is use of pheromones, something like this diffuser here that can reduce anxiety in the room. Or you may actually have to go to something like a medical solution or RX or Prosaic, things like that. But try to either temporarily or permanently reduce the anxiety. Many times you work with your veterinarian and a qualified behaviorist to solve these difficult cases. But the patience is well worth it to allow harmony to exist in your home. Thanks for watching.


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