How to Give a Puppy Rescue Breaths

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Giving a puppy rescue breaths is something that you would commonly do during CPR. Give a puppy rescue breaths with help from founder and CEO of 911 VETS in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Dr. Steve Weinberg, your 911 Vet. And today, we're going to talk about how to give rescue breaths to puppies. This really relates to CPR techniques in puppies. And today, we're going to learn some strategies on how to accomplish this. CPR in newborn puppies is a little bit different than CPR in adult animals. It does require quick actions and you can save a newborn in some instances, most instances. Actual CPR in fact does have a low rate of success even in the clinic. So, if you're involved in breeding and whelping of pets. Look forward to six to eight weeks of 24 hour vigilance to try to see, to make sure that these pets are surviving. If you find that one of your puppies is laying there lifeless and not breathing much or moving. It's important to have certain things in hand. A suction bulb like this is very handy. Because the number one reason of problems with these little pups, is that they get mucus or milk stuck down into their throats, and it blocks their airway. Their heart doesn't actually stop right away. So, if you can manage to clear the airways with your bulb gently, right in their mouth. That's going to help tremendously. Another thing you need to do is to rub them vigorously and stimulate their activity. What you don't want to do is shake them. It can actually cause some brain damage by doing that, so don't do that at all. Another very important thing to do is to make sure that you keep these puppies warm. Because they can actually succumb to a low temperature and want let them revive. So, one thing you can do is to use a heat lamp overhead, rather than a heating pad. Because that can tend to burn the skin, they're very sensitive. So, it's not recommended to use those. As far as rescue breaths, it's actually not recommended to blow into a puppy's mouth. That can actually force mucus or milk down into the lungs, making the situation worse. You can also just damage the lungs by doing that. With vigilant attention to these newborns, using your suction, your stimulation and warming the puppies, you can actually a life with your attention to these pups. Thanks for watching.


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