How to Write Equations in a Slope-Intercept Parametric Equation

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Writing equations in a slope-intercept parametric equation will require you to write X something equals Y something. Write equations in a slope intercept parametric equation with help from a math professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rachel, and today we're going to be going over how to solve slope intercept parametric equations. So these equations are written as x equals something and y equals something. So, they both use the variable t. So let's say we have x equals one plus t, and y equals two plus t. Well, let's solve for t so that we can substitute it in to the other problem because that's the variable that's been repeated here. So, here if we isolate the t by subtracting two from both sides we get that t equals y minus two, right? So now we're going to take this value for t and plug it into this equations. So we have x equals one plus instead of writing t, we'll write y minus two because that's what t equals. Now, let's simplify. If x equals one plus y minus two, x equals y minus one, right? Just adding the one and the negative two. Now, the important next step is to add 10 to both sides. Remember this step. So you have x plus 10 equals y minus one plus 10, right? We just added 10 to both sides, you can do anything to an equation as long as you do it to both sides. So now what do we get? We get x plus 10 equals y plus nine, right? That's negative one plus 10 is positive nine. So now we just want to solve for y so that we get it into slope intercept form, which is y equals mx plus b. So, we subtract nine from both sides, and we get y equals x plus one. And that is our slope intercept form with a parametric equation. I'm Rachel, and thank you for learning with me today.


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