How to Deal With a Child Screaming in a Restaurant

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Children screaming in a restaurant can be really unnerving for everyone. Deal with a child screaming in a restaurant with help from an experienced parenting expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Christina. And this is how to deal with a child screaming in a restaurant. Children screaming in a restaurant can be really unnerving for everyone. But there are a few things you can do as a parent to be prepared in any situation. Wherever I go, I always have a bag with me that has some special things in it for my children. Especially for when they get out of hand. The first thing I like to offer them, if they start to get really upset or scream, is a snack. I know you're in a restaurant, but sometimes the food hasn't come yet and you don't have an appetizer. And really what they're trying to communicate is that they're hungry. A quick offer of something to eat can help them settle down quickly. Another thing I that I like to offer is a tablet with games on it. Not every parent is on the same page about this. But when you're in public, you can be desperate. And having a tablet with kid friendly games on it, can be a life saver. If they're a very small child dependent on a pacifier, always keep the pacifier with us. If none of these things settle your child down quickly, I would suggest moving them out of the restaurant or to the bathroom. Taking them either to the car or to the bathroom, to give them a quiet place to calm down. Where you can talk to them, try and reason with them and offer them things like a comfort aisle. Some children have blankets, some have a stuffed animal. I try and keep something comforting to small children with me. It's important to know you child, bring things with you that comfort them. And also for your child to know the family rules before going into a restaurant. That you won't tolerate screaming, and that you'll quickly remove them form the restaurant if they continue to scream. Thanks for watching.


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