Computer Calculator Formula to Calculate an Average

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The computer calculator formula to calculate an average is something that you can use in Microsoft Excel. Find out about the computer calculator formula to calculate an average with help from an expert in information systems, programming languages, web development and network security in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Luke and this is "Computer Calculator Formula to Calculate an Average." If you'd like to calculate averages on your Windows machine, the easiest thing to do is use Microsoft Excel. This has prebuilt functions like average which will allow you to easily calculate the average of very large data sets. Start by opening Excel. I'm going to show you a simple example using only three numbers. We're going to enter 50 in for the first three boxes we see. Now, in the fourth box, we're going to be receiving the total or the average from these numbers. So, highlight the fourth box, select formulas from the top, go to more functions and then, under statistical, select average. This will then ask the cells or the numbers that you want to make an average of. Since we're doing the column A and the rows one through three, we're going to see that it says A1 colon A3, hit okay. Now you'll see that the average appears of these three numbers in the fourth box. You can do this for any size or any number of numbers that you want to take the average of. Just to verify this, we're going to do 50 times three, divided by three in the calculator and see that this is indeed the average of these three numbers. And, that's it.


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