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Winning chemistry projects can include an anti-flu medication, among others. Find out about winning chemistry projects with help from a chemistry professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Robin Higgins. And this is winning chemistry projects. Alright, so these are the four winners from the different age groups of the last Google Science fair. So, we have a new anti-flu medicine, a battery-free flashlight, a signaling system for emergency vehicles and creating bioplastics from banana peels. So, if we're thinking about what all these things have in common, I can notice a couple of things. So, one is they all have some real life application. So there really aren't any theoretical science fair projects here in the winners. All of them can pretty much tie in right back to an actual application, medicine, energy, medicine and energy. So, speaking of those two things, if you can make it have to do with medicine or energy or really any other feel good, do-gooder kind of message. You're probably going to have a lot of appeal to the judges and win your chemistry or science fair project. So, for instance, if you are testing to see if you can get electricity out of a potato, which you can. A bad title for it would be, testing the current in potatoes. But a great name for it would be, potato electricity question mark. A cure for hunger and electricity. So, speaking of that have a catchy title. And the last thing I would say is make sure that you're utilizing your connections. So, if you have some aunt, who is a doctor and can provide free supplies for you. Or you have some parent or a sibling who knows a lot about electricity. Why don't you try to do something where you can utilize all of their skills and supplies. So that you can create something impressive. So, I'll just put this as utilize resources. So, everything with some kind of parent that has a job that can help you, is going to more impressive than if you go at it on your own. Alright, this is a little bit biased and so, it's a little bit negative right now. So, just say, also do something you're interested in. Because if you're not really interested in it, then you're not going to work hard enough to finish the project and make it impressive. But if you pick something you really care about, even if it has none of these things. At least you'll do something that you enjoy doing. And you'll have a project to show for at the end. Alright, I'm Robin Higgins and this is winning chemistry projects.


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