What Does "M" in Italics Stand for in Chemistry?

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The "M" in italics in chemistry stands for meter. Find out what the "M" in italics stands for in chemistry with help from a chemistry professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Robin Higgins, and this is "what does the "M" in Italics stand for in chemistry?" Alright, so this guy stands for molarity, which equals number of moles over a number of liters. Just to go over some other M's in chemistry, the small m with nothing special about it means meter, and mol means number of moles, and that's also expressed sometimes as n, since m is already taken up by meter. So, also, if you just have a regular uppercase M with no italics, that's still molarity. Just sometimes, these show italics to be fancy, I think. Okay, so as an example of molarity, let's say we have one liter of H2O, and we have one mole of sodium chloride, and all I have to do is put one mole over one liter, and now we have, it would be described as one molar, so that's how we could write our final answer. And, so any number of moles you have of what you dissolve into the liquid, you put here. So, this is just the number of moles of what you're dissolving and then this is just a number of moles of solvent, or this number of liters of solvent, so it doesn't include the volume of what you're dissolving. I'm Robin Higgins and this is "what does the "M" in italics stand for in chemistry?"


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