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Tear strength is basically exactly what it sounds like - the strength you need to exert on something to tear it. Get a definition of tear strength with help from a chemistry professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Robin Higgins, and this is the definition of tear strength. Okay, so tear strength is basically exactly what it sounds like. It's the amount of energy or force you have to put into something before it tears, and so it's usually measured in kilonewtons over meters. And, so this is important because it depends on the length of a force you're having and the amount of force, the amount of force you're having over how much length you have. And, so, it's usually for rubber, specifically tires. But there's other materials that have tear strengths measured as well. And, so there's two kind of main types. There's initiation, and there's propagation. So, as you might imagine, initiation is the energy required to start a tear. So, if I have this rubber band, and I have no tears, and I go ahead and I pull it, and I pull it and I pull it, that's the tear strength. So, the other type is propagation, and that's the amount of force you need to continue a tear. So, if I have a rubber band and it has a little tear already in it, I'll just have to pull and pull, and pull, and you can see the propagation tear strength is gonna be a lot smaller than the initiation tear strength. I'm Robin Higgins and this is "what is the definition of tear strength?"


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