What Is the Co-Vertex of an Ellipse?

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The co-vertex of an ellipse is actually two co-vertices. Find out about the co-vertex of an ellipse with help from an experienced math professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Charlie Kasov, and this is what is the co-vertex of an ellipse. Now on an ellipse there are actually two co-vertices, and two vertices. So let's draw an ellipse and what we have is the longer side of the ellipse. If we draw the major diameter, or the major axis, this is vertex one and vertex two. Now, if we draw the minor axis, we now have co-vertex one and co-vertex two. So, the vertices are here and here along the longer or the major diameter or major axis, and the co-vertices are the end points of the minor axis or the minor diameter of an ellipse. Easiest way to remember it, the shorter side of the ellipse. So I'm Charlie Kasov, and those are the co-vertices of an ellipse.


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