What Does a Scatter Plot Line of Best Fit Mean?

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A scatter plot line of best fit is something that you will encounter when graphing. Find out what a scatter plot line of best fit means with help from an experienced math professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Charlie Kasov, and this is what does a scatter plot line of best fit mean. Now a scatter plot is when we take a graph of two variables on the x and y axis, and it doesn't matter what these two variable are, we're looking for a relationship between them. So a scatter plot is data that's all over the place, and what the line of best fit would be would be a line that we try to draw that capture most of the data, or that goes through and is closest to most of the data. So it looks like the line of best fit would be something like that, maybe a little lower. Now, if when we draw that line, it really does have all the data very close, we could say that the two variables are highly correlated. However, we could just take two points of data and draw a line between those two, but you see how this has a much higher slope, which would mean a higher correlation. That's bad math because we only took two points, whereas if we're trying to approximate, we get a better idea of the correlation. So this one is the line of best fit, and this is two random data points being correlated. So I'm Charlie Kasov, and that is the line of best fit.


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