How Can a Cell's Nucleus Control Lysosomes?

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A cell nucleus is basically the brain of the cell. Find out how a cell's nucleus can control lysosomes with help from an experienced science professional in this free video clip.

Part of the Video Series: The Marvels of Cells & DNA
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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michael Maidaa, and this is "how can a cell's nucleus control lysosomes?" Well, first, a cell nucleus is basically the brain of the cell. It contains all the DNA and it's responsible for growth, reproduction, and all sorts of different activities within the cell. The lysosome is another organelle that's responsible for waste disposal. It contains digestive enzymes that can break down complex molecules. So, here we have a cell. Over here is the nucleus, and here, we could have a lysosome. Nucleus would be labeled N. How does the nucleus control the lysosome? It does so through gene expression. Certain genes will be transcribed in the nucleus and then, this results in different proteins. These proteins are responsible for all sorts of biological activities, including influencing what lysosomes and other, and other organelles can do. So, we have the nucleus expressing different genes, which leads to proteins, which can then affect the lysosome and allow it to properly do it's job. I'm Michael Maidaa, and this has been "how can a cells nucleus control the lysosome?"


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