Bacterium's Cell Life Cycle

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Bacterium's cell life cycle can be broken down into four basic steps. Find out about bacterium's cell life cycle with help from an experienced science professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michael Maidaa, and this is the bacterial life cycle. So here I have put the four different steps. The first step is the lag phase. In the lag phase there is no multiplication or division of the bacteria. It is simply preparing for division by doing things such as metabolizing and adjusting to the environment. In the second stage we have the log phase. In the log phase we have extremely fast paced division and multiplying of the bacteria through a process called binary fission. After this phase, we have a phase called the stationary phase. This is when we are approaching the peak amount of bacteria that can survive in that particular environment. So we are running out of space, and there is becoming a lack of nutrients and a lot of waste. So the growth begins to dwindle and get ready to decline. It begins to decline in the last phase called the death phase. In the death phase the bacteria population begins to die at a very rapid pace similar to that of the log phase. So if we were to look at a graph, we would start out with the lag phase, shoot up with the log phase, stay at the stationary phase for a little, and then shoot right back down with the death phase. So then this would be one, two, three and four. To recap, we have the lag phase, log phase, stationary phase and death phase. I'm Michael Maidaa and this has been the bacteria cell life cycle.


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