How Does a Change in Photosynthesis Affect Cell Respiration?

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Photosynthesis and cell respiration are very similar and go hand in hand. Find out how a change in photosynthesis affects cell respiration with help from an experienced science professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Michael Maidaa and this is how does a change in photosynthesis affect cell respiration. Well photosynthesis and cell respiration are very similar and go hand in hand. They're basically exactly the opposite of each other except plants form photosynthesis and animals perform cell respiration. So beginning with photosynthesis, plants will take in CO2 and water to produce glucose or sugar and oxygen. Both of these things animals need. In cellular respiration, animals consume glucose and oxygen and the byproducts are CO2 and water. Which can then be used for plants in photosynthesis and vice versa. So since these two are so directly related, a change in photosynthesis could be very harmful to the process of cellular respiration. I'm Michael Maidaa and this has been how does photosynthesis affect cellular respiration.


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