When to Drop Nighttime Feedings

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Every family is different and this decision is usually guided by their parenting philosophy. Find out when to drop nighttime feedings with help from a parenting expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Christina, and this is when to drop nighttime feedings. Every family is different and this decision is usually guided by their parenting philosophy. Many babies naturally drop nighttime feedings on their own at a reasonable age though some babies don't. If and when you choose to drop nighttime feedings, will be guided by your parenting philosophy. If you choose to sleep train, then this can be part of your sleep training methods. If you would like to try and work your baby out of their nighttime feedings and they are past the four or five month mark, then if you have a spouse or significant other, having them bottle feed them instead of you being the normal one to go in and feed them, might help ease the break. Another way to ease the transition of dropping nighttime feedings is with a pacifier. If your baby will take a pacifier, they can be a great help in soothing and comforting your baby without feeding. With that said it's so important to learn your baby and be willing to adjust your methods. Many babies go through phases of cluster feeding and growth spurts where they need extra milk to grow and if you are breastfeeding in particular and you don't bend with them and nurse them at night when they are in the middle of these growth spurts then they are going to be hungry and you won't have enough milk the next day. Your milk supply is determined by supply and demand and if you try and schedule them too much, your supply won't be enough for their demand. The answer for many families in when to drop nighttime feedings is when you and your baby are ready. Whenever you are comfortable to start sleep training or whenever they simply stop needing you at night are great times to drop the feeding. Thanks for watching.


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