Bottle Feeding Tips for Reducing Colic

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If your baby is bottle fed, not all bottles are crated equal. Get bottle feeding tips for reducing colic with help from a parenting expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Christina. And this is bottle feeding tips for reducing colic. If your baby is bottle fed, not all bottles are crated equal. And the solution to their problem can be found in switching. When reducing the colic of bottle fed babies, it's good to find bottles that are specifically designed to reduce colic. They really do help. They often have different pieces that help with the flow of milk from the bottle. These all come apart and are cleaned easily. And there are a couple things you can do when feeding your baby that can help. Make sure that the nipple is the right flow. If you have a very young baby, you want a slow flow nipple. If you have a baby that's a few months old, maybe four or five months old, you want medium flow and so on. Follow the manufacturer's directions even if you think that they might need a faster flow. First try what they suggest and then, go from there. Also, you want a bottle that when you turn it upside-down, nothing drips out. There are nipples that are specifically designed to be regulated by the suckling of your baby. You also want to make sure that the silicone of the nipple is soft and pliable. And is able to move similarly to a mother's nipple. This can help them get a good latch. If they can't get a good latch and are constantly letting go off the nipple or kind of gasping. These are signs that your baby is swallowing air, which is going to cause gas and discomfort and possibly colic. When bottle feeding a colicky baby, you want to make sure that their head is inclined, kind of in an upright position. And that they have a good latch on the nipple. If they don't, use your finger to press in to break the latch. And then, help them get their mouth really wide. You can tickle the bottom of their lip a little bit and they'll often open really wide. And then, slide the nipple in and help them get a good latch. Once they're done feeding or half way between feedings, you're going to put them on your shoulder and make sure you get a good burp out of the baby. It's so important to try and thoroughly burp them. This brings up the air bubbles, so that they're able to release any extra air. These are just a few tips when bottle feeding a colicky baby. Thanks for watching.


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