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Replacing sod is something that you will do with varying frequency depending on the area of the country where you live. Find out how to replace sod with help from an experienced gardening professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ghada Dergham, and today we're going to learn how to replace sod. Having a green lawn is every homeowner's dream. We often struggle in certain areas of our yard where grass just won't grow. So it's very important to determine why the reason is. Check your pH level, make sure there's not an insect or a fungus problem. Or if it's too much shade as we have here with this large oak. For this area I needed to replace my sod due to the shade. So the first thing I did is remove all existing sod. The best way to do that is by spraying your sod down with a weed killer a couple of weeks in advance. This makes it much easier to remove so you could prepare the area for your new sod. After we removed the sod we brought in topsoil. It's very important that you start fresh with a new soil. And start with about two to three inches. We spread the soil preparing this area for our new sod as well by using a rake and smoothing it out into a nice smooth surface. Now I always recommend that you always slope away your sod from your home towards a drainage area. If you slope it the other way you'll end up with some foundation issues. We got this area prepared with a topsoil as you can see and we're ready to lay down our sod. Sod comes in rolls or in pieces as it does here in South Florida. So I take each and every piece and place it abutting the existing sod making sure not to leave any gaps in between. So you take each and every piece of sod and place it abutting the other. Making sure not to leave any gaps in between. So when you are laying your sod it's very important that you never overlap pieces. For instance in this area here I need a much smaller piece. So I'm going to place it in the hole and then I'm going to cut any excess with this shovel with a very sharp point. Just like that. And remove all these excess pieces. Now there are many different types of sod that's used around the nation. There are some sods that are a little bit more shade tolerant then others. For example in this area we utilize palmetto sod. Although there are no grasses that are totally shade proof this tends to hold it's weight when it comes to the competition. So when you are trying to create an area where there's a lot of shade I highly recommend you use palmetto sod. So now that we've finished laying down our new sod it's really important that you take care of it. Make sure that you water your lawn daily for the first 30 days. And every other day the following 30 days. Fertilization is of up most important as well. So this is how you lay new sod down. I'm Ghada Dergham, thank you for joining me. I look forward to seeing you next time.


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