Roast Pork With Pancetta & Red Currant Glaze

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Roast pork with pancetta and red currant glaze will require you to have salt, pepper and a few other key ingredients. Make roast pork with pancetta and red currant glaze with help from an award-winning chef from Vermont in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Gabe Thompson. I'm the chef of Epicurean Group, Dell' Anima, L'Artusi, Anfora, L'Apicio and Epicurean events. Today I'm going to show you how to make roasted pork with pancetta and red currant glaze. This is a great thing to serve to some guests if you are having some friends over. The first thing we need to do is season the pork with salt and pepper. Now what I've done is I've laid the pancetta slightly overlapping. This is about nine pieces. It might take more or less slices depending on the size of your pork tenderloin. This one is a little bit small so it only took nine. I have also got it laid out on a piece of parchment paper. You can do it on a piece of plastic wrap. It just helps you kind of roll it kind of like a Sushi guide type has the thing. So we're going to get this bacon going here or pancetta rather. So each time you have a strip of bacon like so this one says I have nine strips, I'm going to do nine pieces of string and if you don't it's going to come unraveled while you are cooking it. And then you are going to want to cut these extra links of string off. So we're going to do this all the way down and then in a large pan we're going to start to cook this thing. So now we are roasting this in a medium heat in a pan. You want there to be if you can see here there's a little bit of, about an inch per side. You want the pan to be at least a little bit bigger than the roast. So we want all the sides to be nice and brown and it's going to take about ten to fifteen minutes to render out the fat from the pancetta. Okay so this guy has spent about ten minutes in the pan burning off, getting nice and golden. I'm going to throw this in the oven for about five minutes at 300 degrees, we're going to let that go for another five minutes and then when it's ready we're going to pull that out. So I've taken this out of the oven once notice, the glaze got nice and caramelized on top. You'll want to let your meat rest so you don't want to pull it out and immediately cut it because all the juices will run out. So you let this rest for about 15 minutes, the meat will be more moist and more delicious if you let it rest and serve it closer to room temperature than blazing hot.


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