How to Plant Succulents in the Garden

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Planting succulents in the garden is something that you can do either in pots or from cuttings. Plant succulents in the garden with help from an experienced professional gardener on a mission to make gardening stylish, fun and simple in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Nell Foster. And today, I am going to show you how plant succulents in the garden. I have many succulents in my garden here in Santa Barbara, California. And I plant them from either plants I've bought in pots or I do a lot, like cuttings also. But today, I think I'm going to plant this little Graptoveria in here. It's actually not a Graptoveria, it's Graptosedum. I'm going to plant it in this hole here. But the first thing you want to make sure is that your soil is not heavy. Succulents will not do well in a clay soil. I don't have too much clay in my soil, but I did work in quite a bit of loam, a native loam. When I planted this garden. So, it's nice and it's nice and lose. Because succulents like to be dry and they also love good drainage. It's very important to their survival. So, I've worked that hole. And you want to make sure that the hole is at least twice as wide as the root bulb. And the depth is not that important because succulents don't root too deep. They store all their moisture in their leaves here. So, with this Graptosedum, I'm going to put it in this hole here obviously. And I'm going to loosen it out of the pot. And it's going to pop right out. And you can see how lose the soil mixture is that it's planted in here. I'm just going to give it a few pinches to loosen up the root bulb. You have to be a little careful with succulents because the leaves fall off easily. Then I'm going to put a couple handful of this mixture, which is organic co,post and worm compost. That's all I use to plant the succulents, I don't use any fertilizer. And I want to make sure that the crown of the plant stays up about half an inch to an inch above the soil line. Because the weight of the plant is going to pull it down into the soil and you don't want it down too far because you can get it crowded up, if you do that. So, I leave it up a little bit, I just work in the soil around there. And then, I'm going to put a layer of this wonderful compost mixture around it. And that is all you do. And now, I'm going to keep it dry for three to seven days, I keep my succulents dry right after planting before I water them in. And then, I will give it a good drink. And here it gets water once about every 10 to 14 days on the drip system. So, see it's just as easy as can be to plant succulents in the garden.


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