Cybidium Orchid Care

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Cybidium orchid care is easy because they love the winter climate. Find out about cybidium orchid care with help from an experienced professional gardener on a mission to make gardening stylish, fun and simple in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Nell Foster, and today I'm gonna talk about cybidium orchid care. I live in Santa Barbara, California which is on the coast of California, and this a major orchid growing region. Cybidiums do really well here. They love our winter climate because the days are warm and the evenings are cool, and that's what cybidiums like. So if you bring it in your house and your house is warm at night, you aren't going to have the flowers last long, and you are not gonna get the flower production. Now conversely, if your evenings are too cool, too cold for too long, then you aren't gonna get the good flower production either, but in terms of light, they like nice, bright light. In the winter they can take more direct light when the sun is not as strong, but if you have them outdoors in the summer, just make sure you have them protected, because they will burn. And as far as watering goes, you want to keep them evenly moist, but during the, during their flowering season, which can be for about four months, this one has two coming on it and it also has one back here, and these flowers are very long lasting, you want to give them water at least once a week or maybe twice a week because they need more water during their bloom time. And they like normal outdoor humidity. If you're someplace really dry, they are not gonna do as well. Here we are by the ocean, so it's perfect, they get a lot of the moisture from the air. And the growers will fertilize them during their, during their bloom time with a high nitrogen, and then when they're not, and then when they go off their bloom they'll do a fertilizer that's not high in nitrogen. But for the average person probably, it's just as easy to just give them a balanced fertilizer all year long, a 20-20-20, and you use it at half the recommended strength and how often they recommend doing the fertilizing. And in terms of repotting, they actually love to be pot bound. As you can see, this is really, it's a small pot, and this is very tight so you don't, won't want to re-pot it to often. You want to re-pot it maybe once every two or three years, and actually I've done a video on re-potting cymbidium, so you can look up that if you're really interested in seeing that. But they are very easy to care for, but just remember they like it warm in the day and cool at night.


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