Winter Pansy Care

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Winter pansy care is a bit different from how you would care for them during the summer. Find out about winter pansy care with help from an experienced professional gardener on a mission to make gardening stylish, fun and simple in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Nell Foster, and today I'm going to talk about winter pansy care. I'm in Santa Barbara where pansies start to appear in early fall and then they are going out by late spring. Where you are, they could be more of a spring to summer plant, but they like full sun but they don't like hot sun so that's why they usually don't make it in the summer here. So just make sure you give them a lot of light. Some of the smaller varieties and the little violas can take part sun but they are pretty much of a full sun plant. They need that to flower and they also need a nice rich soil so you want to amend whatever you are planting. If you are planting in the garden or a pot, you want to amend it with a lot of compost, worm compost, and/or chicken manure and they also like good drainage too. They can be a little tricky because if they go dry, they will go all the way down and if you give them too much water, they are subject to rot. So you want to make sure you get your watering fine on that and in terms of a fertilizer you might want to just give them an organic rose and flower food that would be fine at the beginning when you plant them because they are only going to go for probably six to seven months, and if you want to you can give them another fertilizing in between. And in terms of keeping them flowering well you just want to take off the spent blooms and you just, I can do it with my fingernail here, just take off the spent ones. These are fairly young so they aren't too big yet but they tend to grow and they can get a little rangy so you might want to pinch the new growth a little bit just to keep them in check and the things they are subject to are aphids, slugs, crown rot, leaf spot. So if you think you have any of those, you can just Google them or if there is anything wrong with your pansy you can just Google those things and you can look that up. But they are easy to care for and they bring you lots of bright cheeriness in the dark winter months.


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