The Care for a Cut Cymbidium Bloom

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The care for a cut cymbidium bloom will vary depending on the region where you live. Find out about the care for a cut cymbidium bloom with help from an experienced professional gardener on a mission to make gardening stylish, fun and simple in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. This is Nell Foster, and today I'm going to show you how to care for a cut Cymbidium bloom. I live in Santa Barbara, California which is one of the major orchid growing regions in our country. So I am so lucky to be able to buy the Cymbidium orchids at our Farmers Market and they're available. October, yeah usually through the end of June so I have them all the time. And if you follow these steps your Cymbidium orchids will look fresh for at least 3 weeks. Now these I've had in here, these two I've had in here for about 12 days now. And I just changed the water this morning because I'm going to show you what to do with these new ones that I just bought a couple of days ago and they're still in their wrapping, obviously. So you want to make sure that your water for the Cymbidium is warm, it's at room temperature. Orchids, all orchids do not like to go into cool or cold water. And with the Cymbidium they tend to have some weight to them. There's weight in the stem, there's weight in the flowers so you want to make sure that you have a vase that's tall enough to support them. So what you do when you get a stem is you take it out of the plastic, obviously. I'm going to cut the plastic off here. It's always very important to cut the ends off of any flower when you bring them home so it'll be nice and fresh and can drink up the water nice and fresh. So I'm actually going to recut these to make them into an arrangement. This is just to give you and idea and oftentimes flowers will come with this flower food here. If you don't get it, I've never done a side by side test to see which lasts longer. But if you want to you can just make up your own mixture with a little lemon juice, sugar and a little bleach and it'll do basically the same thing. It just keeps the water clean and fresh and it helps the flowers to drink the water up also. And Cymbidiums you don't have to worry about too much. I have a plant over here, in terms of foliage. Because as you can see the stems don't grow with the foliage attached. It's a separate thing. But you want to take off any of these, any of these nodes here and you want to make sure the flowers are up above the water line because that could cause a little bit of rot in the water too. And it's also very important, important to keep them out of the hot sunny window. They don't like that. Cymbidiums like it cooler. They also don't like to be in front of the heater. And they don't like cold drafts. But it's very easy to keep them looking fabulous for at least 3 to 4 weeks. And if you do choose to use this packet you would only use like a third of it for a vase this size, and you don't need all of it. And the other that's very important is that you want to change the water in here every few days because that's really going to keep it nice and fresh and keep the flowers fresher a lot longer.


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