Quantitative vs. Categorical Variables

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Quantitative versus categorical variables are ones that you can assign a number or a category to. Find out about quantitative versus categorical variables with help from an experienced educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Robin Higgins. And this is quantitative versus categorical variables. Alright, so we have two types of variables, quantitative or categorical. O.k., so quantitative something you can assign a number to. So, something is someone's age or income level, or year in school. So, this something you can easily say that a number that always. So just for instance, mine would be, I'm going to type 19 years old, I make 300,000 million a year and my year in school is thousand. Alright, so categorical is other facts or statistics about people that you can't assign numbers to. So, hair color, introvert or extrovert, favorite TV show. So, you can do a study and you can ask people all these things. But they're not going to be able to give you numbers and you can't really fill in numbers for what they say. So, brown, both and The Simpsons. Alright, so this is the basic difference and it's interesting to know that sometimes people will try to turn categorical variables into quantitative variables just so they can have something to graph. So, let's say that you're asking a 100 people what you like better, squares or triangles. So, they're going to give you a categorical answer, they're going to say squares or triangles. And neither of those are numbers. But you might kind of log it in your spreadsheet, w'ere going to say, o.k., everyone, every time someone says triangle, we're going to give them one. Every time someone says, square, we're going to say one. Every time someone says triangle, we're going to say two. And then, your spreadsheet might look like you know, one, two, one, one, two. And that's just easier to keep track of and graph. Alright, one little fun fact about them before I go, is that knowing whether something is a quantitative variable or a categorical variable is actually a categorical variable. Since neither quantitative nor categorical are numbers. Alright, I'm Robin Higgins and this is differences between quantitative and categorical variables.


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