What Is the Point Called When the Diffusion of Materials Stops?

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The point when the diffusion of a material stops will require you to pay close attention to the liquid in the equation. Find out what the point is called when the diffusion of a material stops with help from an experienced educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Robin Higgins and this is is what is the point called when the diffusion of material stops. Alright so let's go over to fusion and we'll start answering this question. Let's say we have some sort of liquid, we'll just say it's water and when we say we have a cup full of liquid we really mean we have a bunch of water molecules hanging out all together. Alright, so now let's say that we are going to add some sugar to this liquid. So let's say that what our sugar really is is a bunch of ordered solid sugar molecules. Alright, so let's say we go ahead and we dump that in. Now the first thing that's going to happen is that all the sugar molecules are going to go to the bottom and so we have all of them huddled at the bottom. But, we know that sugar dissolves in water so a couple of them are going to start dissolving as you drop it in and they will just be hanging out. Now of course we still have the water molecules completely around the situation. Alright, so now, let's say that we've stirred for awhile and we stir and we stir and we can't see any more sugar molecules and so what that means is that we've created a homogeneous solution because we know that we have two different types of molecules but we can only really see one thing and so that's where homogeneous comes in and the solution part comes because we have something dissolved in a liquid and so we have a mix. Alright this is what we have and now this is the point where diffusion stops. And another way to say that diffusion stops is to say that equilibrium has begun which means that everything is completely mixed in exact perfect ratio of how it is statistically likely to appear in this glass of water. So it means that you don't have a chunk of sugar over here because it doesn't really make any sense. We are spreading out the sugar as much as possible and so when something is completely diffused it means that it is equally likely to be in any area of the solution or the container that you have it in and so remember that once you have this, the molecules are still all moving you know, very quickly and so it's not static. People, well these molecules are constantly going back and forth and so if you check where the molecules are a second, you know, in second intervals, they won't just be staying in one place. They will be moving around but overall the net effect is that you have equilibrium so even though things are moving, these still keep pretty much on average overall spread out. And so remember at first we had our two different substances and then we had the part where there was not an equilibrium because we still had this concentrated area of sugar and once it's completely even and spread out, diffusion stops. But another way of just saying that is to stay that equilibrium begins. I'm Robin Higgins and this is what is the point called when diffusion stops.


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