Importance of Math & Science in the Modern World

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Math and science in the modern world are immeasurably important for a number of reasons. Find out about the importance of math and science in the modern world with help from an experienced educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Robin Higgins, and this is "the importance of math and science in the modern world." Alright, this question is right up my alley, 'cause I think everyone should have a basic understanding of math and science. I don't think it's too difficult for people to learn, and it really helps you be a more informed educated person. Let's go over a couple of reasons why I feel this way. Alright, so, let's take a typical world issues, or let's do U.S. issues. Alright, so a lot of world and U.S. issues actually rely heavily on science. And, if you have a knowledge of science, you can really understand that issue a lot more clearly. So, let's just take something like the environment. So, instead of just based on where you live, deciding whether or not you believe in global warming, you, everyone is actually free to study global warming and then figure out for themselves if they believe in it or not. So, if you know how to read basic reports and not inflammatory political blogs, then you can just make your own decision and go from there. This goes for pollution, and any type of climate change. It goes for drinking water, etcetera. So, that's one reason why science is important. Another issue is things that are directly harmful, but it still helps to understand them like modern weapons. So, obviously, chemical weapons are particular, too, are particularly terrible, and understanding chemistry can help you understand exactly why those weapons are so particularly terrible, and why it's kind of better for all of us to opt not to use them then destroy us and the Earth, in it's process, by going into a bunch of chemical warfare. Another one, to have a basic understanding of is food regulations. So, you can see I'm kind of up on my high horse, pretty hard during this video, but instead of just deciding whether or not you feel like a GMO sticker is a good or a bad idea, you can actually learn what genetically, what is being genetically modified, and then decide if you think a sticker is appropriate, or if you think it should exist at all, or what your exact opinions are. Again, if you actually understand the science, you can be much more up on your high horse because you can back up your arguments with facts that you understand. So, this is good, and of course, just in general, organic versus non-organic, you can decide for yourself, is this useful, is it better for me to buy organic food, or do I not care? Well, if you know what makes something non-organic or organic, you really make a decision for yourself. And, finally, as far as math is concerned, I think it's very important to have a basic understanding of statistics because I think human nature really lets us get carried away with story telling. So, if some politician says "I was back home and I talked to Fred, and Fred said "' wish that I got paid more.'" You can use statistics to realize that one person doesn't really make that much of a difference in terms of what our larger problems are and that interesting and flavorful storytelling shouldn't effect local opinion. Alright, that's enough from me. I can feel myself being very obnoxious. I'm Robin Higgins and this is "why is science and math important in the modern world?"


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