How to Tie a Cape Knot

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When tying a cape knot, you’re going to want to begin by selecting an appropriate length. Tie a cape knot with help from an experienced and dedicated freelance artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Aaron Tucker and this is "how to tie a cape knot." First, you wanna put your tie around your neck. You have your broad end, you have your narrow end. Your narrow end should be the longest because this is the end that you're gonna tie your knot with. So, pretend this is around my neck, as I demonstrate. You're gonna take the longer, narrow end of your tie and cross it over the wider, broader end. From there, you'll bring it through the knot, and around the back of your tie. Cross over, bring it back through the same side. You're gonna have a little knot in the back. From here, you'll tuck the narrow piece through the knot in the back of your tie and tighten it. And, unlike if you're tying a regular tie, you're gonna use the broader end, now, to adjust it. So, once you get it around your neck, you tug on the bright, on the broader end to tighten it around your neck and then adjust the tie around your neck, as you would normally wear, and there, you have a cape knot.


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