How to Record Your Voice With Fraps

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Recording your voice with Fraps will require you to have a microphone connected to your computer. Record your voice with Fraps with help from an experienced computer professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, my name's Zach, and I wanted to show you how to record your voice with Fraps. Now if you're doing game play, like Minecraft for example, it's always good to commentate your videos, and Fraps actually records your voice very easily if you have a built-in microphone or if you attach one yourself to your desktop. So I'm gonna assume that you've already downloaded the program, and I have Fraps here. You're gonna start off in this general tab. If you click on movies, you an actually set up a video capture hotkey. So whenever you're in a game and you hit the pause, for me it's gonna start recording. You can use like F10 or F11 if you like, but I have other screen capture software, so they actually interfere with each other. So, what we're gonna do next in order to record the screen is open up Minecraft, and I have Minecraft open here, and as you can see, there's numbers up here. These actually aren't gonna show up in your Fraps movie recording, which is great. So, what I'm gonna do is hit play demo world, and then I can hit the pause break whenever I want to. So, when I hit the pause button you'll notice that the numbers turn red. That means I'm recording. Now I could commentate this game play, and it's being recorded in Fraps right now, so I actually have audio coming from my mic. I would suggest spending a little bit of money and getting a nice microphone, like a Snowball. They're about 89.99 and you can actually set them up and have your voice recorded very clearly. It gives a really good production quality when you do that. So I'm gonna show you now where the files are actually saved. So in order to stop the recording I hit the pause break button. Now we can go into our explorer window, and up here we'll see that it's saved in our C drive slash Fraps slash movies. So, we'll minus this and go to computer. So we'll click on our C drive, and Fraps is right here. So open Fraps and go to movies, and we can see all the videos that we just did, and if I double-click one, it will open right up, and we can see our recording, and you can hear my voice. My name's Zach, and I hope this video helps. Thanks for watching.


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