How to Direct Download Android Apps on a PC With Google Play

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Direct downloading Android Apps on a PC with Google Play is something that you do before adding them to your device. Direct download Android apps on a PC with Google Play with help from a software engineer with broad and extensive experience developing embedded system firmware and providing global engineering software, tool and process support in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Mat Pierce, and this is how to direct download Android apps onto your PC with Google Play. The first thing you're going to need is a tool called Blue Stacks. What Blue Stacks is, is an app player for your PC that will run Android apps. It's really convenient, it's free, it runs on Mac, Linux, Windows, whatever you want to use. Just go to this website right here, and download the appropriate version for your system. So the next thing you want to do after you've installed Blue Stacks, you gotta run it and set it up. It'll ask your Google Play pass, or account name and your password. If you do that it sets you up, it connects you with the Google Play store. Then once you're in there then you want to download and install a backup utility and a file explore utility. I've got ES file Restorer and App Backup Restorer. Those are two tools I know work really well. Then once you get those installed, then you want to go find the application that you want to download and backup and download it onto your Blue Stacks device. Once that's done you'll want to run the App Backup and Restore tool. You go to the list here, find the application that you want to back up. I'll just, I'll click my CPU monitor right here, click back up. And what it will do is it'll back it up into a file system on your Blue Stacks device, also on your Windows device. Then when you're done with that go back home. The next thing you want to do is run the file manager utility. Bring that up and that will bring you up to a file system right here which is your Blue Stack device. And in here you'll find the app back up and restore directory. That is where the application you backed up has been backed up to. Then you click and select on that, go to more, move to. And then what that will do is bring up system again and you can, right now it's already configured to go into my Windows documents directory. But you can maneuver through the file system that you're shown and go into the Windows subdirectory and then in to your own, you know your users subdirectories. Click OK. And it will copy it there and then you can go into Windows and find it and that's where the apk file is.


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