What Two Substances Are Made From Photosynthesis?

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The two substances that are made from photosynthesis include oxygen and sugar. Find out about the two substances that are made from photosynthesis with help from an experienced chemistry professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dan Weisenberger and this is what two products are made from photosynthesis. Well photosynthesis is a very complex and involved biochemical pathway with several types of individual chemical reactions that ultimately converts light energy in the presence of carbon dioxide and water into the two products of sugar and oxygen. Oxygen is released into the atmosphere whereas sugar is further processed into other types of sugar as I'll get into in a second. Finally, carbon dioxide reacts with ribulose 15 bisphosphate in the presence of an enzyme called rubisco in the Calvin Cycle which ultimately results in the formation of glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate and this is a precursor to generating various types of sugars, glucose, sucrose, stored polymers of sugar called starches and these also can enter the glycolysis pathway and then the TCA or the TCA cycle which eventually results in the production of large amounts of ATP which is chemical energy that the cell can use for other various processes and pathways. I'm Dan Weisenberger and this is what two products are formed from photosynthesis.


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